Hi! It’s been a few months since we released 3.1 version. Now it is time for 3.2! A few things were modified, few things added, however our main idea to create a XBOX 360-like gaming experience on PC remains the same. What’s new?

  • further improvement of performance on AMD machines
  • added 4 new skins made by our users
  • finally fixed “out of memory” bug known from 3.0 version
  • a few minor bug fixes (again, thanks for reporting!)

Version 3.2

12 Responses to “Version 3.2”

  1. NTPK:

    thanks jimmy, great work as always. and don’t listen to people who complain about infrequent updates. the software is great and people should understand you can’t spend all your free time on it

  2. trecker:

    nice update, works well!

  3. cArRyPoTtEr:

    i expected much bigger update TBH :/ hope 3.3 will bring some cool features

  4. Sexy Sexy Lover:

    I don’t get why u guys still complain a lot. You were given a great software that works well (stable, decent FPS rate) on many machines (both Intel & AMD) and you complain about unfrequent updates… Why do you need new features while 3.2 already has everything it should have. The rest is just an additional stuff you don’t really need to use an emulator.

  5. MATT:

    AWESOME software, thxxxx :D

  6. paul6432:

    this is one of the greatest emulators I ever tried (maybe except DOS emulator which allows me to play some really old games, hehehe). thanks for new skins and for fixing the out of memory bug

  7. spook:

    Nice update? I’d say average update. Hope for some cool features in 3.3.

  8. martin:

    good job, works well =) thx

  9. HD:

    Is it possible that you will release XBOX One emulator in future?

  10. jake:

    how do i change skins?

  11. kyle29036:

    @HD: I don’t it is possible to create a XBOX One emulator for PC in reasonable future, because it would need a MONSTER PC to work.

  12. buzz9:

    any news on new version?

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