Hello! It’s been a while since last release of xBx360. We’ve been really busy working on other projects. Furthermore, our C# coder Mike decided to leave the project due to lack of time. Thanks for your work, Mike!


Finding a new coder took us two months. Now we’re ready to announce version 3.1 of XBOX 360 Emulator. What’s new?

  • improved performance with full HD screen resolution
  • fixed up to 95% of reported bugs from version 3.0:
    • fixed bug causing freezing the emulator while loading on AMD machines
    • fixed “No Sound” bug
    • fixed problem with shaders that caused crashing the software
    • 50+ minor fixes
  • added 3 new skins
  • few minor fixes / improvements

Version 3.1

29 Responses to “Version 3.1”

  1. NTPK:

    Great, finally a new version. Who’s that new coder?

  2. gavin632012:

    fresh release :D coool :D

  3. xBx Jimmy:

    #NTPK: Ace51, you may remember him from GBS project

  4. Destroyer55:

    works well on my PC :)

  5. HTC:

    wow thanx

  6. Xann:

    It crashed on my PC a lot. Updated to 3.1 and now it works like a charm. Good job! I’m looking to release of v3.2.

  7. BLover:

    LOLOLO didn’t expect this to work o.O but it works

  8. rancor:

    You should update layout of both emulator and website, really. Current one sucks!

  9. Miki:

    I downloaded it like written and it works for some part. I have a problem with saving the game – it crashes when I try to do this. Help??

  10. xBx Jimmy:

    #Miki: emulator shouldn’t have impact on saving the game (if everything else work). Maybe your game’s ISO file is corrupted.

  11. 123:


  12. Xann:

    great project & software :) works perfect. merci :)

  13. Plossl5:


  14. eq3:

    anyone tried this on phenom x4?

  15. kmatt:

    yes, works quite well. however i think fx4300 or fx6300 would be much better

  16. bayan:

    Low FPS :( sucks :/

  17. oak3295:

    Great job, works well even at higher resolutions.

  18. Baudilio:

    nice software, good choice for all XBOX 360 fans :)

  19. Ruzzle Ravenwing:

    still no info about 3.2 version?

  20. Nome:

    apparently :D

  21. shaks:

    @Ruzzle: check development section on forums – it seems that 3.2 will be out in few weeks (I hope :D)

  22. Ruzzle Ravenwing:

    pfff, few weeks later still nothing

  23. shaks:

    don’t worry, it will be released, sooner or later :)

  24. martin:

    Nice, works good with i5

  25. BigBoxGamer:

    Pretty good software, works as intended. Really makes a XBOX 360-like experience on a computer. I just don’t get why it has so high hardware requirements. I admit that I’m certainly not an IT person, but software like this doesn’t seem to need much computing power.

  26. LadyOfClockwork:

    how do I change the resolution?

  27. lugi:


  28. franklin9:

    Why 3.1 is no longer supported? How to download it?

  29. rubberduckyGB:

    #franklin9: i’m afraid you can’t :P go here: http://xbx360.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=3 and download the latest version (3.2 at the moment)

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