Hi there. We are happy to announce the release of xBx360 3.0! The newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator introduces few completely new features. Also, a large part of the code of xBx360 has been rewritten for better performance and higher framerate.

GTA V screenshot (XBOX 360)

What’s new?

  • a huge performance improvement (even at higher / HD resolutions)
  • fixed about 90% of known bugs from version 2.6 (thanks for reporting!)
  • two new resolutions added
  • several minor features added

Version 3.0

27 Responses to “Version 3.0”

  1. Simon:

    Yay, finally 3.0! Nice work :D

  2. Lukash23:

    Just tested it and the performance has been REALLY improved. With older versions of xBx360 and my favourite resolution I had about 30-35 FPS on my PC. Now I have about 90 (!)

  3. xBx Mike:

    Note that older versions of XBOX 360 Emulator won’t be supported anymore. 3.0 is the newest, supported version :)

  4. jenn:

    good as always, gj

  5. Toni:

    yeah, got 2x higher FPS rate :) wow

  6. naman:

    i am not getting my forum activation code

  7. husoboss13:

    Frankly I expected something better than that… In my opinion the performance improvement isn’t that big. Anyway appreciate your work.

  8. panunaattori:

    Great software, thanks :)))

  9. Firsec:

    wow, awesome update!

  10. --[NOS]--:

    Works well, good job :)

  11. Teoner:

    New interface sucks!!!!

  12. ZZar:

    It works!

  13. Smeckt:

    This is a great piece of software. Truly appreciate your job :) Btw. we’re waiting for 3.1 version :)

  14. selcus:

    i personally don’t like the new look of xBx360, but technically it works well so I cannot complain

  15. anon:

    coool soft :8

  16. talon:

    hi nice soft

  17. genji55:

    awesome work & perfect soft. any info about 4.0?

  18. andrei:

    download link doesn’t work :( pls help

  19. xBx Jimmy:

    Thanks for the info! Just fixed this, should work fine :)

  20. Jakeos:

    i personally don’t like the new interface :( older was much better

  21. roberto44:

    works well, thanx =)

  22. basher:

    This soft is awesome! Great job

  23. Mason:

    Any info about new version? It’s been a while since 3.0 :( (3 months or such)

  24. vulture583281:

    4 months… i ain’t even mad cause soft’s good, but some new features would be cool :)

  25. filch04:


  26. ballkizaru:


  27. Reklos:

    Any info about new features in next version (3.2)? :P When will it be released?

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