Hi there. It’s been a long time since the latest release of xBx360 so it’s time to show a new one. Version 2.6 features two new resolutions. Also few other resolutions have been improved for better performance on older computers. Note that we are working on version 3.0 of the XBOX 360 Emulator. It’ll be released in few months, but don’t worry – we will publish some new minor updates soon. Thanks for reporting bugs and crashes, it really helps.

What’s new?

  • 2 new resolutions added
  • improved performance of few older resolutions
  • skin system added – now you can modify the appereance of your xBx360!
  • few minor bugs fixed

Version 2.6

33 Responses to “Version 2.6”

  1. tiviarz:

    Good work! Finally got my resolution ;)

  2. Tijour:

    great as always

  3. ork:

    works well, just updated my emu :P

  4. tyrell623:

    Can’t wait for the version 3.0 :) I heard that the code of xBx360 will be rewritten.

  5. xBx Jimmy:

    @tyrell623: Yes, that’s right. We hope it’ll greatly improve the perfomance of xBx360.

  6. Jann97:

    pls fix the bug i recently reported on forums

  7. garry:

    Skins feature rocks ;D

  8. TheHoundPL:

    very gud!!!

  9. Paulino8136:

    Amazing piece of software. Good job. As always ;) Keep up!

  10. avici:

    Great update :)

  11. vladimirRU:

    wow, didn’t expect it works :P спасибо

  12. Fantategando:

    best soft ever

  13. pedro:

    very good update. appreciate it.

  14. Avanti:

    Good software. Waiting for the version 3.0 now! =

  15. ashel:

    Great job. Works well as always.

  16. Nino:

    Download link broken?

  17. xBx Jimmy:

    @nino: Yes, we’re working on that.

  18. Ellin:

    hmm, latest version came out more than a month ago. when will be this huge update you announced before? :)

  19. manny:

    cool soft :)

  20. Jekyl:

    probably the best XBOX 360 emulator ever

  21. xBx Jimmy:

    @Ellin: please be patient. We’re still working =)

  22. huey:

    cool soft, thanks a lot

  23. mihau:

    all good, appreciate your work :)

  24. Tom:

    where will be released version 3.0?

  25. A-S-M:

    works as described… almost. at lower resolutions it works great, but i have a problem with HD resolution – just posted a thread on forums, hope someone will help me

  26. Vi:

    Replied you there, but will reply here as well – there’s a problem with your graphics card. Try updating the drivers, it usually helps.

  27. xBx Mike:

    #Tom: Please be patient and give us more time. The 3.0 is about 80 or 90 percent complete, but we still have to solve few problems and test many things. It’s a lot of work and it’s definitely not easy work.

  28. xBx Jimmy:

    Mike’s right. By they way you can always apply to beta-testers team on forums. It’ll help :)

  29. Jekyl:

    don’t demand the 3.0 version that hard :D 2.6 is very good too and for me it’s enough

  30. SteeveDVD:

    Thanks! :)

  31. Luker:

    Everything’s OK, ty

  32. navi:

    OMG! WORKS!!!

  33. Hosszú:

    I’m definitely not a fan of the recent (v.2.6) interface changes, but the whole software is cool. Coders did well. Hope to see new version soon. Üdvözlet Magyarország! :D

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