Hi! Today we decided to release the 2.5 version of xBx360, the favourite software of every true gamer. This version isn’t a big deal – we just introduced a few minor improvements without adding any new features, resolutions or something. This small update reminds the older one but in fact it’s even smaller. However we actually work on new features and we promise to include them in the next XBOX 360 Emulator release.

What’s new this time?

  • design changes from version 2.4 have been reconsidered due to some negative responses and improved
  • overall software performance has been improved
  • fixed three small bugs (thanks for reporting)

Version 2.5

19 Responses to “Version 2.5”

  1. Tijour:

    wow, new version :) nice

  2. SYNTA:


  3. timo:

    works more smoothly than ever. good update, aprecciate that!

  4. darker555:

    wow, WORKS :D didn’t expected that

  5. ADI_PL:

    all works good, but unfortunately FPS rate is low on my pc :/

  6. teddythekiller:

    It’s a good piece of a software. Thanks Jimmy. I’m waiting for the further updates now :)


    very good update!

  8. kavacy:

    WORKS :)

  9. ork:

    Hi, just got the activation code :)

  10. ork:

    wow, the emu works great!

  11. buxer:

    Huhm, good soft! Had some troubles with configuration, but generally it’s not bad

  12. Carey:

    It doesn’t work on my PC (it says it’s too weak), but on my friend’s computer it works well (we tested it today). The strange thing is my computer is rather stronger than my friend’s.

  13. Gordonerro9516:

    @Carey: Jimmy once said that it depends on your CPU / GPU configuration – sometimes a better GPU won’t work, while a worse GPU with the same CPU will work like a charm.

  14. Sati:

    Good one, thanks

  15. corli:

    i like the changes of design :)

  16. Shen:

    works well, thx

  17. tivi9613:

    Any new updates?

  18. xXx_Sasuke1996_xXx:


  19. Carrie:

    awesome software, kudos!

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