Hello! It’s time to release a new version of xBx360. We haven’t introduce any new features this time, just fixed some bugs and improved the overall performance.

What’s new?

  • resolution 1600×900 fixed (few issues on nVidia GPUs)
  • minor interface changes
  • several performance improvements

Version 2.4

18 Responses to “Version 2.4”

  1. timmi:

    woah, forums :) I like it :D

  2. Vitia:

    finally this res. works. I’m glad =)

  3. kim97:

    Great as always. Thank you, just updated my copy.

  4. Sexy Sexy Lover:

    I’ve written it on forums already, but again: NEW INTERFACE IS UGLY! it’s definitely the worst part of your awesome software

  5. Opticon:

    ugly? i like it :P

  6. George_Orwell:

    Hmm, I can see the performance improvement. Good work, well done!

  7. SYNTA:

    very good share, again :) updated my client

  8. masiak:

    woah, didn’t expected it’ll work, but it works :D

  9. Tovermann:

    Good as always. Needles to say I’m waiting for the next update. The only thing I’d change is the survey system – if there wasn’t a thing like this, much more people would knew xBx360.

  10. darkmoore992:

    W O R KS : )

  11. Tijour:

    Thanx, works great

  12. meva:

    #Tovermann: 100% agreed!!!

  13. temmy:

    how can i do the survey

  14. Cole:

    Doesnt work.

  15. Tijour:

    Cole: maybe your PC is too weak :P On mine it works well

  16. SYNTA:

    Guys, better check the newer version – I can feel the real performance improvement http://xbx360.com/version-2-5.html

  17. Fantategando:

    yep, 2.5/2.6 are much better!

  18. Tom:

    agree, 2.6 is MUCH better

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