Hello! It’s time to release the newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator! We’ve been working on version 2.3 for last few weeks and here it is. Hope you’ll like it! The performance should be much better now! Also we answered your requests about adding 1600×900 screen resolution – it has been added and should work smoothly!


  • new resolution added (1600×900)
  • fixed bug that could appear while loading ISO file on AMD machines
  • few minor fixed and improvements


Version 2.3

32 Responses to “Version 2.3”

  1. Lawrence97:

    great, just downloaded it. Thanks Jimmy!

  2. veigar:

    1600×900! FINALLY!

  3. Naruto1111:

    #veigar: yeah, they should’ve introduce it earlier… it’s fourth or fiveth most popular resolution. anyway we shouldn’t be mad

    Well done.

  4. VanHalen:

    Jimmy, you are A W E S O M E

  5. meva:

    I downloaded the software, got the password and it works… But is that survey-protected password really necessary?

  6. LasterTurboBlaster:

    @meva: hey bro, this soft is free, you can download it for free, enjoy it for free, but it’s too hard for you to do a simple survey? come’on

  7. xBx Jimmy:

    Thanks for good words guys, but I’m just a part of team.

    #meva: Unfortunately, yes. Let me explain that. This is 100% free project. We don’t have any ads or sponsors and we spend our free time to improve this software.

  8. tim95:

    works, thanks :)

  9. SINSON:

    great software

  10. tomcio:

    works smoothly even in higher resolution

  11. gta fan:

    Anyone tried using it with GTA V? Software loads ISO and runs the game, but FPS rate is around 20~…

  12. veigar:

    your PC is probably too weak for it :P I got about 30 FPS

  13. tibi:

    wow, it really works!!!!!!!

  14. Tiramisu:

    hehe I didn’t expected it, but it actually works.

  15. Toby55:

    many thanks for update!!!

  16. icedragon666:


  17. […] xBx team has released version 2.3 of XBOX 360 Emulator. Downloading is free, but you need to get the password to unpack the archive. The only way to do […]

  18. LBT:

    thanks, you are awesome :-)

  19. Polaq:

    What’s the password?

  20. Novac:

    i doubt if anyone will give you the password – you have to get your own one.

  21. Polaq:

    Nevermind, I just did the survey and… it works. Thanks, gonna use it the whole day :D

  22. telescoper61:

    downloaded, works. thanks!

  23. SYNTA:

    thx, got it

  24. pharel:

    thank you :)

  25. WoT fan:

    works well, thanks

  26. torquen:

    Hmm, works for me, but not for all of the games. Waiting for the next release.

  27. bavim:

    wow, works!!!

  28. kalehandro:


  29. Twin99:

    very good =) thank you bro

  30. Dante:

    which is the password to extract the file. :(

  31. kubek6:

    I will download it and try :) Thx ;) Greetings from Poland ;)

  32. نوروز:

    works :)

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