Hello! Welcome to our new website. From now, the older releases of XBOX 360 Emulator will be no longer supported and we won’t provide download links for them. Please always download the latest, updated version from the top of main page.

Today we will release the newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator – 2.3 with few new features and improvements. Stay tuned! :)

Please write any ideas, questions or bug reports in comments. Thank you and happy gaming!

New website / older releases

7 Responses to “New website / older releases”

  1. thommy:

    cool design :)

  2. Lawrence97:

    I like new website – the old one was ugly :PP

  3. LasterTurboBlaster:

    not bad.

  4. icedragon666:

    The older website was better…

  5. PLZZ FRIENDz tell me what is the password plzzzzzzzzz PLZ REPLY

  6. bexx:

    hey bro, nobody will probably give you the password here ;D I tried once, but my comment got deleted

  7. dave93:

    omg, why do I have to do the survey? ;/

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