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Full Version: Activation code - READ THIS!
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Generate code - {LOCKER}

1. What the activation code is?

Activation code is an unique code that is required to run our software.

2. Why do I have to do the survey to get the code?

Our project is almost non-profit. Survey system helps us funding domain, hosting and coffee for programmers Wink. Another reason is to keep statistics about using of our software. Don't worry - surveys are often easy and free for user.

You'll receive a file with your unique code just after doing the survey. Simply save it into your program directory and restart the application. Please reply in this thread or contacy me via PM if you already done the survey so I can give you the access to Member forums.
Just got the code. Please add me Smile
Thanks, software is great! Pls add me to Members.
@Traceur, @ramzes99: added Smile Enjoy.
add me too Tongue
(03-12-2014 04:59 AM)XBOXER Wrote: [ -> ]add me too Tongue

omg I have surveys... is this a only way to get the code? I personally filled it and it was free, but a bit time-consuming...

btw. add me plz Big Grin
(03-12-2014 08:01 AM)Sexy Sexy Lover Wrote: [ -> ]omg I have surveys... is this a only way to get the code?

Unfortunately, yes.

Quote:btw. add me plz Big Grin

Done Smile
Add me, add me, add me.
add me. thx
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