Hi! It’s been a few months since we released 3.1 version. Now it is time for 3.2! A few things were modified, few things added, however our main idea to create a XBOX 360-like gaming experience on PC remains the same. What’s new?

  • further improvement of performance on AMD machines
  • added 4 new skins made by our users
  • finally fixed “out of memory” bug known from 3.0 version
  • a few minor bug fixes (again, thanks for reporting!)

Version 3.2

Hello! It’s been a while since last release of xBx360. We’ve been really busy working on other projects. Furthermore, our C# coder Mike decided to leave the project due to lack of time. Thanks for your work, Mike!


Finding a new coder took us two months. Now we’re ready to announce version 3.1 of XBOX 360 Emulator. What’s new?

  • improved performance with full HD screen resolution
  • fixed up to 95% of reported bugs from version 3.0:
    • fixed bug causing freezing the emulator while loading on AMD machines
    • fixed “No Sound” bug
    • fixed problem with shaders that caused crashing the software
    • 50+ minor fixes
  • added 3 new skins
  • few minor fixes / improvements

Version 3.1

Hi there. We are happy to announce the release of xBx360 3.0! The newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator introduces few completely new features. Also, a large part of the code of xBx360 has been rewritten for better performance and higher framerate.

GTA V screenshot (XBOX 360)

What’s new?

  • a huge performance improvement (even at higher / HD resolutions)
  • fixed about 90% of known bugs from version 2.6 (thanks for reporting!)
  • two new resolutions added
  • several minor features added

Version 3.0

Hi there. It’s been a long time since the latest release of xBx360 so it’s time to show a new one. Version 2.6 features two new resolutions. Also few other resolutions have been improved for better performance on older computers. Note that we are working on version 3.0 of the XBOX 360 Emulator. It’ll be released in few months, but don’t worry – we will publish some new minor updates soon. Thanks for reporting bugs and crashes, it really helps.

What’s new?

  • 2 new resolutions added
  • improved performance of few older resolutions
  • skin system added – now you can modify the appereance of your xBx360!
  • few minor bugs fixed

Version 2.6

Hi! Today we decided to release the 2.5 version of xBx360, the favourite software of every true gamer. This version isn’t a big deal – we just introduced a few minor improvements without adding any new features, resolutions or something. This small update reminds the older one but in fact it’s even smaller. However we actually work on new features and we promise to include them in the next XBOX 360 Emulator release.

What’s new this time?

  • design changes from version 2.4 have been reconsidered due to some negative responses and improved
  • overall software performance has been improved
  • fixed three small bugs (thanks for reporting)

Version 2.5

Hello! It’s time to release a new version of xBx360. We haven’t introduce any new features this time, just fixed some bugs and improved the overall performance.

What’s new?

  • resolution 1600×900 fixed (few issues on nVidia GPUs)
  • minor interface changes
  • several performance improvements

Version 2.4

Hello! It’s time to release the newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator! We’ve been working on version 2.3 for last few weeks and here it is. Hope you’ll like it! The performance should be much better now! Also we answered your requests about adding 1600×900 screen resolution – it has been added and should work smoothly!


  • new resolution added (1600×900)
  • fixed bug that could appear while loading ISO file on AMD machines
  • few minor fixed and improvements


Version 2.3

Hello! Welcome to our new website. From now, the older releases of XBOX 360 Emulator will be no longer supported and we won’t provide download links for them. Please always download the latest, updated version from the top of main page.

Today we will release the newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator – 2.3 with few new features and improvements. Stay tuned! :)

Please write any ideas, questions or bug reports in comments. Thank you and happy gaming!

New website / older releases